Inaugural NSW Compak Championship

The 3rd and 4th of February saw Cooma Sporting Clays host the inaugural NSW Compak Championship shot over three ranges.

Compak is a condensed version of Sporting. Consisting of five shooting stations, 25 targets of varying angles and speed are launched around each shooter.

With extensive range works carried out over the Christmas period, shooters were seeing two newly formed Compak courses for the first time. The 3 ranges provided a mix of close up targets as well a distance

Juniors led the way with Tom McGrath and Matthew Wilesmith both shooting perfect rounds of 25. Tom shot his score on the “C” range, which allowed shooters to compete on a more open range with distance being a factor. Matthew picked up his 25 on the “A” range, a more tightly laid out course, requiring a faster reaction time. Other standout performances were High Gun awarded to John Collier with a final score of 128 point as well as Stephen Tipping in C grade, posting an impressive 102.

Anna Shedrina joined us from sponsors Laporte and Bronzewing Australia. Anna, a Universal trench shooter, turned her hand to Sporting clays with a very credible showing.

Congratulation to all of the winners and thankyou to Laporte and Bronzewing for their great support.


High Gun

John Collier – 128 points



1st – Frank Araco – 126 points

2nd – Matthew Wilesmith – 124 points

3rd – Chris Davis – 123 points

4th – Chris Barrowman – 121 points



1st – Tom McGrath – 126 points

2nd – Mark Corbett – 120 points

3rd – Jason McGrath – 115 points

4th – Doug Alcock – 111 points



1st - Max Kavanagh – 115 points

2nd - Doug Brenton – 113 points

3rd – Reno Morganti – 110 points

4th – Richard Seears – 105 points



 1st – Stephen Tipping – 102 points

2nd – David Noakes – 95 points

3rd – Andrea Barrowman – 94 points

4th – Marcus Vaccaro – 90 points