We accomplish all through the generosity of our Sponsors

Any sporting club, especially in a small country community, needs a few ingredients to survive.

A passionate and dedicated membership, a sport that is of interest to a large cross section of ages and support from the local community. 

Cooma Field and Game has these ingredients in abundance. With a growing membership base of 70 shooters ranging in age from 12 to 83, we can say that we cover most demographics. Females and junior ranks, not surprisingly, are our biggest growth areas. 

To keep the club growing with new facilities and equipment we rely heavily on the generosity of the local community. Local companies and some from further afield generously support our club by either donating in kind or by sponsoring a monthly shoot. 

We appreciate this support and where ever possible make sure that we return the generosity. So please support your local sporting clubs and support those companies that kindly sponsor the club.  

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