Blue Sky Outdoors 100 Target wrapup

Sunday saw our first shoot for 2018. Light breezes and a hot day greated 53 shooters. 
The shoot, sponsored by Blue Sky Outdoors in Cooma, provided a wide selection of shootable targets for all grades.Thanks to the setup crew for the course.

We saw some exception competion and accomplishments. Warren (Wazza) Thorpe visiting from Goulburn Workers Field and Game
shot a 96!!. Club President , Andrew Fairfield-Smith commented that it has been quite some time since Cooma has seen
such a great result. Warren also shot a 25 from 25 in one of his rounds.

All grades showed highly conpetitive fields. Noteable results were Jack fairfield-Smith with an 82 in Sub Juniors,
Andrew Fairfield-Smtih with an 84 in B grade and Jane Redman with a 77 in Ladies.

Cooma extends a thankyou to shooters from Bermagui,Majura Park and Goulburn Workers for attending and the sponsors Blue Sky Outdoors in Cooma for making the day such a successful shoot.


High Gun - Warren Thorpe with a 96 including a 3rd round 25/25

AA Grade

1st Matt Webseter - 89
2nd Mark Gschwend - 87
3rd Darren Redman - 86

A Grade

1st Tom Shinfield - 82
2nd Peter ( Nev ) Skelly - 81 (After shoot off )
3rd Barry Dunn - 81

B Grade

1st Andrew Fairfield-Smith - 84
2nd Stephen McIntyre - 81
3rd Ben Rowbotham - 79

C Grade

1st Glen Weston - 76
2nd Bernie Parker - 71 ( After shoot off )
3rd Dave Whiteman - 71
4th Rodger Sands - 68
5th Sam Tomasi - 66


1st Jan Redman - 77
2nd Robin Perkins - 75
3rd Kerry Donald - 68
4th Penny White - 63
5th Sally Armstrong - 53

Sub Juniors

1st Jack Fairfield-Smith - 82
2nd Jack Newson - 62
3rd Ethan Whiteman - 47/75