Ladies day shoot

55 Shooters participated in the Cooma Sporting Clays handicap. Warm, Dry weather with low winds gave all participant’s the perfect conditions to shine, and this was evident on the day.

Designing and setup of the course is at the ladies discretion and they delivered in spades as there was a great mix of targets that provided targets that every grade would be able to shoot. This was evident in a hotly contested Ladies grade with Sally Armstrong and Kerry Donald both ending on 109 points, with Sally winning on count back.  C grade also showed some standout shooting with Neville McInnes taking out the day’s high gun with a runaway score of 112, while Ed Osolins won the group with an impressive 109.

A big thank you to all of the ladies who helped create such a great weekend and also work so hard throughout the year to allow us all to shoot. Without your effort it wouldn’t be possible for the club to run and thrive as it does.

High Gun

Neville McInnes


“The Ladies”

1st Sally Armstrong

2nd  Kerry Donald

3rd  Krista Mower

4th  Penny White

5th  Rhonda White


AA Grade

1st  James Byrne

2nd  Phil Craig

3rd  Mark Gschwend

A Grade

1st Curls Thistleton

2nd  Chris Raabe

3rd Darren Coleman

B Grade

1st   Russell Rowling

2nd  Reg McGufficke

3rd Lindsay Blewitt

C Grade

1st  Ed Osolins

2nd  Luke Kilborn

3rd  John Lehmann

4th  Dominic Mooney


Sub Juniors

1st  Jack Newson

2nd  Charlie Alcock

3rd  Nick Colman