Cooma leads after first leg of the Coomagui Cup.

Sunday’s shoot sponsored by Snowy Plain Merino Stud saw a good turn out on a
stunning spring day. The day combined two events with the “Rabbit Challenge” and the
first leg of the Coomagui cup being run together.
Unfortunately for Bermagui there attempt to get ahead in the points for the coveted
trophy away from home were thwarted by some very competitive shooting especially
from the Cooma B and C grades. The challenge for the team Cooma will be to repeat
their performance this Sunday in Bermagui.
High gun went to Neville Brady from Bermagui with an extremely well shot 90. Bill
Warriner taking out A grade. Charlie Kimber shot well and convincingly took the C
grade prize with a 72.
Other scores on the Day.
High Gun Neville Brady 90/100
AA Grade. 1 st Bill Warriner 79/100. 2 nd Matt Webster 73/100. 3 rd Jake Hedger 72/100.
A Grade. 1 st Tony Crome 84/100. 2 nd Mark Corbett 82/100. 3 rd A. Fairfield-Smith 78/100
B Grade 1 st Curls Thistleton 78/100. 2 nd Stehpen McIntyre 75/100. 3 rd Adam Mower
C Grade. 1 st Charlie Kimber 72/100. 2 nd Lindsey Blewitt 65/100. 3 rd Doug Blewitt 64/100
Ladies 1 st Rhonda White 54/100, 2 nd Penny White 50/100, 3 rd Marg Warriner 44/100
Sub Juniors 1 st Ryan Vaccaro 47/100
The “half time’ score in the Coomagui Cup stands at 411 Bermagui to 451 Cooma with
the second half to be played out at the Bermagui grounds on Sunday the 24 th . Thanks
again to the Hedger family for sponsoring another great day at the Cooma Field and
The clubs next weekend of activity is in October with “Come and have a go day” on
Saturday the 14 th and the “Death Valley Challenge” on Sunday the 15 th . For more
information call Adam Mower on 0410 507 279 or Andrew 0413 013 689.