Father's Day shoot report - 3rd September 2017

A great fun day at the range today for the first running of the Fathers Day Novelty Shoot. Very windy conditions didn't scare off the the 24 brave souls who were happy to have a red hot shot at targets that at best were unpredictable.**

The day started out with 2 x rounds of 15 target Compak "A" range a little more sheltered than B range. Then we moved on to the Novelty events with pairs shooting 4 simultaneous targets and the 3 shooter teams shooting 30 random targets. Good fun.

**(To clarify. A clay target weighs 105 grams it is travelling at about 80 km an hour typically shot at 40 mtrs. A shotshell contains about 338 pellets travelling at about 1300 km/hr add to the mix 70 km/hr winds, point shoot and hope fore the best.)


Event 1 Compak 30 targets.

High Gun. Adam Mower 22/30
A/AA 1st Chris Robinson 20/30. 2nd Bill Warriner 20/30
B.1st Adam Mower 22/30. 2nd Russell Rowling 20/30
C. 1st Charlie Kimber18/30. 2nd Lindsey Blewitt 18/30
Ladies 1st Penny White 17/30. Marg Warriner 14/30.

Two shooter teams
1st Chris Robinson, Marg Warriner 12/20
2nd Ed Oslins, Penny White 10/20

Three Shooter Teams.
1st Craig Bottom, Adam Rowling, Chris Robinson.
Equal 2nd. 
Bill Warriner, Wendy Crouch, Lindsey Blewitt. 
Oscar Mower, Shaun Rowling, Luke Rowling.