"And they came to have a go"

And they came to have a go


What an extraordinary day we had at the inaugural “Have a go day”. After some fairly average weather during the week we were blessed with a perfect blue bird day on the Saturday.


Firstly I would like to thank the fantastic effort of the members who attended to help.

The Sunday set up crew, who sacrificed Friday to do their set up, so that they would be available to help on Saturday. Hugh Fairfield-Smith drove over from Wagga to help Adam and myself set up the four stands that we thought would be more than sufficient for the 20-30 expected participants.


In no particular order the coaches, helpers and welcomer’s on the day seemed to find hidden reserves of energy to accommodate an endless stream of visitors that had a real enthusiasm for the sport on the day.


The four stands were manned by Bill Warriner, Jozeph Nassar, Ken Jones, Hugh Fairfield-Smith, Chris Jones, Richard Mould, Adam Mower, Richard Seears and Richard Warner, If you could bottle that experience you would be a rich man.


The crowd that was waiting to shoot were well attended by Tony Nassar, Terry Thisleton and Jim White. We had three trappers Oscar Mower, Jack Fairfield-Smith and Mithcell Thrum.


The shoot secretaries of course were on hand Thanks Robin and Rhonda and last but not least Gidge Fairfield-Smith, Alexandera Fairfield-Smith and Jess Warner manned the BBQ.


I don’t usually like to write lists of names in reports but everybody involved needs special mention, it was a huge effort. When the numbers climbed to 50-60-70 not only were we in danger of running out of shells we were in serious danger of running out of food. Thanks to Josh from Buckenderra for helping us out midafternoon with replenishment stocks.


I spent the day wandering around through the waiting squads worrying that people might be becoming frustrated by the delays. Overwhelmingly I was met with an overall acceptance and excitement that the coaches and helpers were taking the time and effort to make every single participant feel special and welcome. Well done team.


We signed up two new members on the day and handed out 15 new membership forms. Hopefully this will translate to some more new members. I have already been asked when are we having another one…. I think in a little while, we need to take stock, get some rest and regroup.


If anybody is reading this who isn’t a member and came to have a go, Thanks, we had a great day too.