The Black and Blue Rabbits

Cooma leads after first leg of the Coomagui Cup.

 Sunday’s shoot sponsored by Snowy Plain Merino Stud saw a good turn out on a stunning spring day. The first leg of the Coomagui Cup was shot in conjunction with Mick Hedgers' “Rabbit Challenge”. It would have appeared initially that team Bermagui, led by their fearless leader Nev Brady had big plans to put the cup out of our reach from day 1. This was not to be however and with competitive shooting across all grades especially from our shooters in grades B and C grades Cooma holds the lead by the narrowest of margins.

High gun was taken out by Gavin Moulding with 89 which was matched by Bill Warriner, Bill being from the Northern hemisphere however had succumbed to the afternoon sun and chosen to refresh himself perhaps a little too early and had to be content with winning AA/A grade. Mario was 2nd and Jake Hedger won a shoot off against Neville Brady to take out 3rd. B Grade also saw some good scores with Adam Mower winning the shoot off against Chris Robinson and Tony Crome taking 3rd. C Grade was won by Sean Newlin 71 ahead of Craig bottom and Patrick Jubb

 The girls from the Office were not to be distracted by their duties with Robin Perkins winning the ladies and Rhonda White coming in with second to make it a clean sweep for the shoot secretaries Barb Magrin secured 3rd. A fantastic turn out for the ladies having as many shooters as there were in C grade, well done.

The Rabbit Challenge saw two stands with a fair mixture of targets. Stand 4 with a fairly standard pair of doubles and stand 6 with something more of a high performance rabbit, possibly even a hare although the afternoon saw the targets change colour and I for one have never seen a black hare. Results were Overall Richard Sears, AA/A Mario margin, B Chris Robinson, C Craig Bottom, Ladies Robin Perkins and juniors Jake Hedger.

Adam Mower, some suggested thru sleight of hand, managed to win the opportunity to shoot for two cases of shells in the rabbit raffle. Unfortunately he missed the first rabbit of the ten and proceeded to hit the next nine. So close and yet so far.

The “half time’ score in the Coomagui Cup stands at 455 Bermagui to 477 Cooma with the second half to be played out at the Bermagui grounds on Sunday the 28th.

I would like to thank Bermagui for their great support in travelling up the hill for all of our shoots especially on Sunday when at times there appeared to be more black than blue.

Hopefully we can reciprocate with a good size team travelling down to Bermagui this Sunday. A lead of 22 doesn’t seem to be enough.

 Thanks again to the Hedger family for sponsoring another great day at the Cooma Field and Game.