Those bloody rabbits.........

Cooma leads after first leg of the Coomagui Cup.


Sunday’s shoot sponsored by Snowy Plain Merino Stud saw a good turn out on a  day reflective of the Monaro spring The first leg of the Coomagui Cup was shot in conjunction with Mick Hedgers “Rabbit Challenge”.

The Coomagui Cup is an annual event held between Cooma and Bermagui Field and Game clubs and is in its 12th year. The event helps to boost shooter numbers for both clubs and provides a good humored, competitive, team atmosphere to the two shoots that it is run over. The first leg is traditionally run at the Cooma range at Middlingbank with the following weekend shooters attending the Bermagui Range.

Cooma have made the most of the home ground advantage in the first leg with a 57 target lead. It should be noted however that at the same time last year Cooma held a 22 target lead only to lose the cup by 13 targets after the second leg.

The event was run in conjunction with the “Rabbit Challenge” which involves shooting some targets that differ from traditional clay targets in that they roll on edge along the ground mimicking a scurrying rabbit.

High Gun went to Mark Corbett of Cooma who also won the “A” grade rabbit challenge. Corbett and Bill Warriner also shot well enough on the day to both shoot a perfect round of 25.


Other results.

High Gun Mark Corbett. 95/100

A/AA.             Bill Warriner 94/100. Phil Craig 92/100 Gavin Moulding 92/100

B Grade          A.Fairfield-Smith 84/100. Terry Thisleton.81/100 Chris Robinson 76/100

C Grade.         Ken Jones 82/100. Sean Newlin 69/100 David Bedingfield 64/100

Ladies                         Robin Perkins 72/100 Michelle Craig 67/100 Katrina Hedger 61/100

Juniors.            Jake Hedger 86/100 Oscar Mower 76/100


“Rabbit Challenge”

High Gun.       Mark Corbett

A/AA.             Jake Hedger

B Grade.         Andrew Fairfield-Smith, Adam Mower

C Grade.         Ken Jones.

Ladies.                        Robin Perkins

Juniors.            Oscar Mower


The Cooma team will be heading to Bermagui this weekend on a bus kindly donated by Cooma Coaches. With a good lead we are hoping to regain the cup lost last year by the smallest of margins.

October will see the second running of the “Come and have a go day” on Saturday the 17th.  This proved to be hugely popular last year and we are hopeful we can turn on an equally great event in 3 weeks.

For details go to the Cooma Field and Game facebook page or call Andrew on 0413 013 689 or Adam on 0410 507 279