Welcome to the New Year

Happy New Year.

 I hope everybody has recovered from all of that good Xmas tucker and New Year’s revelry and looking forward to a big year of shooting in 2015.

 The year will kick off on the 18th of January with “Ladies day” sponsored by Buckley’s rural services. We would like to see as many of the ‘girls out there as possible and encouraging them to do so by waiving their Noms. There have been some suggestions that a bloke wearing a dress should also shoot for free. I think that perhaps they would be better off concentrating on shooting targets.

 February 15th will see the popular tower shoot sponsored by the Corbett family and Snowy River Tyre power Jindabyne.

 Other events to make note of in the first half of the year obviously include the 32nd Easter Classic and the inaugural running of the Perazzi young guns challenge. Be aware that Easter falls early this year on the first weekend of April ( 3rd,4th,5th and 6th.) which really isn’t that far away. The Perazzi Challenge will be held on the following Month on the 17th and we are hoping to attract a large field from around the state.

 There have been some discussion about practice days or afternoons. I don’t see why this cannot be organized. There will obviously be some fees involved and we would need a few to make it worthwhile. Please contact Adam or myself so we can come up with a bit of a plan.

 There will be a club meeting held on the day of the January Shoot. Either before the shoot or directly after presentations to discuss a few matters concerning the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Club President.

0413 013 689