May Shoot Mixed target challenge - Shoot Report

72 shooters attended the range again with a record turnout of new shooters. 18 “C” graders combined with 8 target only shooters, mixed with some new juniors and ladies meant that approximately half the field were newer shooters.

Richard Mould set the range and it was a baptism of fire. Even the more experienced shooters scores suffered with high gun for the day Phil Craig scrambling to a 76.

Two ranges, five stations with five targets on each. 1 single and two pairs didn’t leave much room for error. Having said that all targets were well presented and visible. Range setters take pride in deception and the targets on the day proved, by the score board at least to be very deceptive.

Another twist to the day was the mixing in of some oddly coloured targets. The theory being that if a different coloured target was presented there were some prizes up for grabs. Shooters could choose to refuse the target at which point it would be a no target, or take the challenge and go for the cash. We must be a greedy group as 50 packets of ammo were handed out for mixed targets.


Results for the day

H/G - Philip Craig

AA -1st Chris Davis, 2nd Graham Bennett, 3rd Andy Vaccaro

A- 1st James Byrne, 2nd Tony Crome, 3rd Andrew Fairfield-Smith

B- 1st Richard Seears, 2nd Jimmy Drakos, 3rd Ron Manly

C- 1st Andrew Whitbread, 2nd Michael Bowerman, 3rd Steve Blyth

Ladies- 1st Robin Perkins, 2nd Penny White, 3rd Marg Warriner

Juniors- 1st Daniel Davis, 2nd Oscar Mower, 3rd Jack Fairfield-Smith

Thanks to the very generous support of Jindabyne Joinery for sponsoring the day.