Jindabyyne Joinery Mixed Target Challenge

56 shooters came out on a cool but dry May morning to take on the mixed target challenge supported by Jindabyne Joinery.  Club life member Richard Mould was chief range setter, presenting half of the course in the wooded parts of the range, then moving to the open space of Death Valley to allow some longer targets to be thrown. The consensus for the day was it was a challenging course, but all targets were shootable. Thanks to Richard and his crew for a great setup.

A mixed target challenge is made by randomly presenting a different coloured target to the shooter. If shot, the club pays a prize.  56 mixed targets were hit by 34 shooters.

Curls Thistleton was the days winner with a 77.

We were also excited to be joined by 9 new shooters. If you would like to join us to give sporting clay a try, you can find us at facebook.com/coomasportingclays or you can call Adam on 0410 507 279.

High Gun

Curls Thistleton


A grade

1st Phil Craig

2nd Mark Gschwend

3rd Nev Brady


B Grade

1st Mick Durnan

2nd Reg McGufficke

3rd Michael Platts


C Grade

1st Glen Simmons

2nd Rodger Sands

3rd  David Aldridge



1st Kerry Donaldson

2nd Shelly Craig

3rd Penny White


Sub Juniors

1st Charlie Alcock