2016 Christmas Shoot

Cooma Field and Games Christmas shoot went to another level on Sunday with 108 shooters turning out to shoot some excellent targets on a glorious Monaro day. With temperatures in the mid-twenties no wind and clear skies shooters enjoyed two ranges of 74 well mixed novelty targets.

The day was run with a side x side shotgun event in conjunction with the more common over and under. Cooma is the widely respected for their side x side events and have held the side x side State Championships for numerous years at the “Easter classic”.  With a sub event “The Springing teal challenge” the prizes table at the end of the day looked like a well-equipped deli with hams, ducks and chooks on offer as the traditional Christmas prizes.


Lunch was a highlight. The Nassar Family from Roses Restaurant, cooking up a feast that had to be seen and tasted to be believed.

Lunch was followed by the traditional novelty Turner Teams event that sees lots of two shooters drawn from a hat to form the teams. Teams are exposed to 20 incoming targets in quick succession launched from the main tower. To a bystander this looks fairly straight forward but the intensity of the competition can see the best shooter become flustered and start to miss targets they would normally hit with ease. This year Glenn Simmons and David Dickson handled the pressure better than the rest to take out the event. 

Scores for the day.


Over and Under


High Gun        Bill Warriner.

AA Grade       1st James Jonklas. 2nd Craig Field.

A Grade          1st Darren Redman. 2nd James Barron. 3rd Barry Dunn.   

B Grade          1st Chris Robinson. 2nd Glen Weston. 3rd Paul Bone.

C Grade          1st Richard Mould. 2nd Andrew Whitebread. 3rd Ray Summeral.

Ladies             1st Jan Redman. 2nd Penny White. 3rd Grace Gschwend.

Juniors             1st Oscar Mower. 2nd Holly Gschwend. 3rd Dainel Davis


Side x Side


High Gun        John Sankey   

AA Grade       1st Chris Davis. 2nd Phil Craig. 3rd Mark Corbett

A Grade        1st Chris Raabe, 2nd Doug Alcock.

B Grade         1st Adam Mower. 2nd Richard Sears. 3rd Steven Mc Intyre

C Grade         1st John Lehman. 2nd Michelle Craig. 3rd Roger Sands.


Springing Teal Challenge - John Sankey.

Side x Side Championship – Chris Davis.