The not so Mid Winter Cup

June Shoot – Mid Winter cup

100 targets handicap


We had snow at our shoot in April and no snow for the Mid Winter Cup, however Jack Frost didn’t let us down with a frost thick enough to make one wonder if it hadn’t snowed overnight. Like all good frosty mornings the day that follows is usually picture perfect and Sunday was no exception.

Once the setup crew got over the initial hurdles of a minus 6 start, frozen water, frozen traps and frozen hands. The day went off without a hitch.

32 shooters shot the handicap event over seven stations with a good mix of targets. 

Doug Alcock took out the day and the cup with a healthy 116/100 and in the process went from C grade to A grade.

Jack Fairfield-Smith obviously must be getting some good direction from his father as he come in second behind Doug by 2 clays.

Other results from the day

A Grade, 1st Terrence Thistleton 92/100, 2nd Andrew Fairfield-Smith 83/100, 3rd Geoff Taylor 71/100

B Grade, 1st Craig Field 113/100, 2nd Neville Brady 106/100, Guy Osolins 99/100

C Grade, 1st Rodger Sands 109/100, 2nd Josh Pedersen 102/100, 3rd Adam Mower 102/100

Ladies, 1st Marg Warriner 99/100, 2nd Rhonda White 96/100, 3rd Robin Perkins 94/100

Juniors 1st Jack Fairfield-Smith 114/100

I believe we signed up two new members on the day.

Apologies to Nev as I believe he got cold,

Thanks to Adam for helping set up and of course Stewarts Freight for sponsoring the event.

Our next shoot at Middlingbank is on the 19th July and is our Winter Games 100, shot off the Gun. Sponsored by Bill and Marg Warriner.(don’t forget your glasses Bill.)

Call Andrew on 0413 013 689 or Adam on 0410 507 279 or Email for further information