A great turnout for Cooma Field & Games 2 Day Shoot - Jan '17

Cooma Field and Game held its first 2 day shoot of the year with resounding success. The weekend saw an excellent turn out at the Cooma Field and Game range with higher than expected shooter numbers turning up.
Saturday saw the clubs inaugural running of “Bush Skeet” which was essentially run under American skeet rules but not in open space as would traditionally be the case. The set up crew did an excellent job making sure that the two layouts were measured out to a correct skeet pattern and that the traps threw the clays at the correct angles and speed. The different surroundings seemed to test even the most experienced skeet shooters with nobody scoring a perfect round. The event was well attended with 29 shooters taking up the challenge. Elders Insurance Cooma was the sponsor and their support was very much appreciated by all involved.

Results for Bush Skeet

High Gun. Doug Alcock, 87/100
A Grade. 1st Phil Craig 84/100. 2nd John Sankey 84/100. 3rd Andrew F-Smith 77/100
B Grade.1st Curls Thistleton 76/100. 2nd Oscar Mower 75/100. 3rd Ken Jones 72/100
C Grade. 1st James Byrne 61/100 2nd Neville Desmet 53/100. Hilton F-Smith 51/100
 Ladies. 1st Robin Perkins 69/100, 2nd Michelle Craig 65/100, 3rd Kerry Donald 48/100

Sunday saw most shooters return to a more main stream competition with the ever popular Compak format of sporting clays, as the name would suggest a compact version of traditional sporting clays. 48 shooters braved the warmer conditions and were presented with an excellent array of targets, again the perfect round remained elusive, although a few 24/25’s were shot.

Results for Compak

High Gun. Colin Brownlie 91/100
AA Grade. 1st Phil Craig 89/100. 2nd Bill Warriner 87/100. 
 A Grade. 1st John Sankey 84/100 2nd James Byrne 81/100 3rd Doug Alcock 81/100
B Grade.1st Richard Warriner 79/100. 2nd A. F-Smith 73/100. 3rd Hugh F-Smith 72/100
C Grade. 1st Russell Rowling 74/100 2nd Charlie Kimber 61/100. 3rd Neville Desmet 61//100
 Ladies. 1st Robin Perkins 86/100, 2nd Michelle Craig 78/100, 3rd Penny White 65/100
Juniors. 1st Oscar Mower 78/100. 2nd Jack Fairfield-Smith.68/100

The club shoots every 3rd Sunday of the month and further information can be found at