Blue Sky Outdoors 100 Target wrapup

Sunday saw our first shoot for 2018. Light breezes and a hot day greated 53 shooters. 
The shoot, sponsored by Blue Sky Outdoors in Cooma, provided a wide selection of shootable targets for all grades.Thanks to the setup crew for the course.

We saw some exception competion and accomplishments. Warren (Wazza) Thorpe visiting from Goulburn Workers Field and Game
shot a 96!!. Club President , Andrew Fairfield-Smith commented that it has been quite some time since Cooma has seen
such a great result. Warren also shot a 25 from 25 in one of his rounds.

All grades showed highly conpetitive fields. Noteable results were Jack fairfield-Smith with an 82 in Sub Juniors,
Andrew Fairfield-Smtih with an 84 in B grade and Jane Redman with a 77 in Ladies.

Cooma extends a thankyou to shooters from Bermagui,Majura Park and Goulburn Workers for attending and the sponsors Blue Sky Outdoors in Cooma for making the day such a successful shoot.


High Gun - Warren Thorpe with a 96 including a 3rd round 25/25

AA Grade

1st Matt Webseter - 89
2nd Mark Gschwend - 87
3rd Darren Redman - 86

A Grade

1st Tom Shinfield - 82
2nd Peter ( Nev ) Skelly - 81 (After shoot off )
3rd Barry Dunn - 81

B Grade

1st Andrew Fairfield-Smith - 84
2nd Stephen McIntyre - 81
3rd Ben Rowbotham - 79

C Grade

1st Glen Weston - 76
2nd Bernie Parker - 71 ( After shoot off )
3rd Dave Whiteman - 71
4th Rodger Sands - 68
5th Sam Tomasi - 66


1st Jan Redman - 77
2nd Robin Perkins - 75
3rd Kerry Donald - 68
4th Penny White - 63
5th Sally Armstrong - 53

Sub Juniors

1st Jack Fairfield-Smith - 82
2nd Jack Newson - 62
3rd Ethan Whiteman - 47/75

Cooma Wins Coomagui Cup for 3rd year running

The Cooma Field and game membership headed for Bermagui on Sunday to complete the second leg of the Coomagui Cup. With a lead of 40 targets from the week before they were quietly confident that even if they lost the day, they may be able to retain the converted trophy. A solid turnout from Cooma with 26 shooters making the journey, some on the bus kindly donated by Cooma Coaches and some under their own steam the odds were stacked against Bemagui to make up the targets needed.


All shooters were confronted by blustery conditions that made the targets variable in flight and at times very unpredictable. This might have been helpful to the team from the mountains as Cooma prevailed adding another 12 targets to the total. Mark Corbett shot well and took out High gun. Jake Hedger was the only shooter on the day to take out a 25 which was impressive given the conditions.    


The cup in its 16th year has now been one by both clubs eight times, and looks like it will be hotly contested next year.


The final score

Cooma Field and Game 899/1200

Bermagui Field and Game 847/1200.



Thanks again to Cooma Coaches for their support in providing a bus for the trip down and back. Cooma Field and Games next shoot will be the Third running of the “Come and have a go day” on Saturday, October the 14th.  This proved to be hugely popular last year and we are hopeful we can turn on an equally great event this year. The day provides an opportunity for everybody to have a go at sporting clay pigeon shooting. Shooting licenses are not required. Ages 12 years and over. Other conditions apply.

For details go to the Cooma Field and Game website or call Andrew on 0413 013 689 or Adam on 0410 507 279

Cooma leads after first leg of the Coomagui Cup.

Sunday’s shoot sponsored by Snowy Plain Merino Stud saw a good turn out on a
stunning spring day. The day combined two events with the “Rabbit Challenge” and the
first leg of the Coomagui cup being run together.
Unfortunately for Bermagui there attempt to get ahead in the points for the coveted
trophy away from home were thwarted by some very competitive shooting especially
from the Cooma B and C grades. The challenge for the team Cooma will be to repeat
their performance this Sunday in Bermagui.
High gun went to Neville Brady from Bermagui with an extremely well shot 90. Bill
Warriner taking out A grade. Charlie Kimber shot well and convincingly took the C
grade prize with a 72.
Other scores on the Day.
High Gun Neville Brady 90/100
AA Grade. 1 st Bill Warriner 79/100. 2 nd Matt Webster 73/100. 3 rd Jake Hedger 72/100.
A Grade. 1 st Tony Crome 84/100. 2 nd Mark Corbett 82/100. 3 rd A. Fairfield-Smith 78/100
B Grade 1 st Curls Thistleton 78/100. 2 nd Stehpen McIntyre 75/100. 3 rd Adam Mower
C Grade. 1 st Charlie Kimber 72/100. 2 nd Lindsey Blewitt 65/100. 3 rd Doug Blewitt 64/100
Ladies 1 st Rhonda White 54/100, 2 nd Penny White 50/100, 3 rd Marg Warriner 44/100
Sub Juniors 1 st Ryan Vaccaro 47/100
The “half time’ score in the Coomagui Cup stands at 411 Bermagui to 451 Cooma with
the second half to be played out at the Bermagui grounds on Sunday the 24 th . Thanks
again to the Hedger family for sponsoring another great day at the Cooma Field and
The clubs next weekend of activity is in October with “Come and have a go day” on
Saturday the 14 th and the “Death Valley Challenge” on Sunday the 15 th . For more
information call Adam Mower on 0410 507 279 or Andrew 0413 013 689.

Father's Day shoot report - 3rd September 2017

A great fun day at the range today for the first running of the Fathers Day Novelty Shoot. Very windy conditions didn't scare off the the 24 brave souls who were happy to have a red hot shot at targets that at best were unpredictable.**

The day started out with 2 x rounds of 15 target Compak "A" range a little more sheltered than B range. Then we moved on to the Novelty events with pairs shooting 4 simultaneous targets and the 3 shooter teams shooting 30 random targets. Good fun.

**(To clarify. A clay target weighs 105 grams it is travelling at about 80 km an hour typically shot at 40 mtrs. A shotshell contains about 338 pellets travelling at about 1300 km/hr add to the mix 70 km/hr winds, point shoot and hope fore the best.)


Event 1 Compak 30 targets.

High Gun. Adam Mower 22/30
A/AA 1st Chris Robinson 20/30. 2nd Bill Warriner 20/30
B.1st Adam Mower 22/30. 2nd Russell Rowling 20/30
C. 1st Charlie Kimber18/30. 2nd Lindsey Blewitt 18/30
Ladies 1st Penny White 17/30. Marg Warriner 14/30.

Two shooter teams
1st Chris Robinson, Marg Warriner 12/20
2nd Ed Oslins, Penny White 10/20

Three Shooter Teams.
1st Craig Bottom, Adam Rowling, Chris Robinson.
Equal 2nd. 
Bill Warriner, Wendy Crouch, Lindsey Blewitt. 
Oscar Mower, Shaun Rowling, Luke Rowling.

Interclub Challenge alive and well after Cooma Gun Club win

Sunday saw the second leg of the Interclub challenge run between the Cooma Gun Club and the Cooma Field and Game. The event is in its Third year and is proving popular amongst the shooters of both clubs. Initiated to boost numbers attending the clubs August shoots it is paying dividends with 36 shooters at Cooma Gun Club two Sundays ago and 54 shooters at Middling Bank last Sunday.  

The competition is fiercely contested with clubs usually making the most of home ground advantages to win each of the respective days. This year the field and Game shooters gave the Cooma gun club too much lead in the first leg and were unable to make up the deficit with Cooma Gun Club winning overall by 44 targets.

Both days were a huge success. It provides shooters from different affiliations to get out and try something new. Good for the clubs and good for the shooters, there should be more of it.


Results for the day


High Gun, Chris Davis 92

AA grade. 1st Jake Hedger 80

A grade. 1st John Starr 86, 2nd Roy Meagher 80, 3rd Andrew Fairfield-Smith 79.

B grade. 1st James Ewart 83, 2nd Adam Mower 83. 3rd Curls Thistleton 79.

C grade. 1st Allan Nielson 71, 2nd Rodger Sands 63, 3rd Brendan Wholohan 63.

Ladies 1st Penny White 65, 2nd Robin Perkins 61, 3rd Rhonda White 48.

Juniors. Jake Mason 48 


Interclub challenge


Cooma Gun Club 1277/1600

Cooma Field and Game 1233/1600

Thanks to our sponsor Cooma Cranes

The next club shoot is on Sunday 17th September “The Rabbit Challenge” sponsored by Snowy Plain Merino Stud, which is also the first leg of the “Coomagui Cup”, 9.30 at the Middlingbank range. For more information call Andrew 0413 013 689 or Adam 0410 507 279 or visit